Happy Weekend - with the new food magazine "slowly veggie!"

Slowly Veggie Food Review #gourmetguerilla Good news! The weekend will be great - if you happen to like to mumble on the couch while leafing through new, beautiful food magazines. That is now at least for me firmly on the program. Because during the lunch break today I registered a change in the magazine shelf in the supermarket from the corner of my eye and grabbed "the new one" after a short look directly into the basket:

Title Special issue slowly veggie

slowly veggie! is the title of the recently published issue of Burda. The "lust for pleasure" team around editor-in-chief Anke Krohmer evidently longed for something new: "On 148 pages, the reader will find creative and uncomplicated instructions for vegetarian and vegan recipe ideas. The special feature of the newly developed creations is the simplicity of ingredients and preparation - thus the magazine also offers non-vegetarians crunchy and full-fledged alternatives ".

And the whole thing went really well. The large-sized, great photos and the reserved styling remind a bit of the cookbooks of Donna Hay. More a lookbook than a food magazine: Each recipe may spread generously on a double page - I do not even know what I have to boil everything first. (For me now stuck after the first page through 5 PostIts in the magazine - the trend is rising.)

Take a look for yourself and convince yourself:

Happy Weekend - with the new food magazine "slowly veggie!"

inside special issue slowly veggie!

inside special issue slowly veggie!Inside Special issue slowly veggie!

Inside Special issue slowly veggie!

inside special issue slowly veggie!

slowly veggie! is one of the best recent releases for me. For the most part, the recipes are easy to cook, the ingredients are not extravagant, and the results sound delicious. If special aids are required for certain recipes (for example a pasta machine), this is noted right at the beginning of the recipe - practical. Hearty, light or savory vegetarian and vegan dishes are just as much a part of the sweetness. The small supporting program is also welcome: The now almost compulsory blogger presentation is accompanied by a few pretty travel and interior design inspirations.

My favorite soul-nutrient saying from page 16: "If I have eaten well, my soul is strong and unshakable. "(Jean-Babtiste Moliére).

In this spirit, I wish you a very unshakable and delicious weekend!

slowly veggie!
since 20.03. available in newsagents
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