Of two, who moved out to provide us with regional food. And on Fridays comfortably to the office: Hamburger regional goods.

Hamburger Regionalwaren Antje and Ulf Schönheim live in a small town on the other side of the Elbe. And the two had a brilliant idea: they provide Hamburg's city dwellers, who do not have the chance to shop comfortably at the farmers around the corner in the farm shop, with high-quality products from regional production. Hamburger Regionalwaren is the name of the StartUp, where online shops can order butter, cheese, jams, schnapps, salt, meat and sausage products from the Hamburg region. Even a grazing ox from the Oberalster can be ordered kilo. And how does it work? The orders can be placed online until Wednesday and paid directly by PayPal or Sofortüberweisung - Ulf is then even the delivery service, which collects the food in bags on Friday afternoon within Hamburg.

Hamburger Regional products Antje and Ulf Schoenheim

Incidentally, the products are real delicacies and come from small Hamburg farms and businesses that produce and produce sustainably have been family-owned for several generations. "From the region - for the region" is the motto that opens up completely new possibilities for our shopping behavior. It's really amazing, but from my own experience I know how difficult it is to buy regional products. Even if I wanted to - I can make it to the weekly market in time almost never and in the (organic) supermarket around the corner are probably more apples from New Zealand than fruit from the Elbe. Here, local and regional products have an unbeatable CO2 balance, are piece by piece directly attributable to the producer and made in small editions by hand or traditionally. These are striking arguments.

Producers and consumers alike also benefit from regional food networking: For their economic security, businesses urgently need additional customers beyond the often purely price-driven wholesale trade. We want high-quality foods with provenance that are produced sustainably and in an appropriate manner. A deal that benefits everyone.

I talked to Ulf about the idea of ​​local Hamburg products:

GourmetGuerilla: How did you come up with the idea of ​​creating regional Hamburg products?

Hamburger Regionalwaren: We like to buy homemade food from small producers in the region. And live diagonally opposite a small country dairy. At some point, the idea for Hamburg regional goods came up. Then we sat down and researched: Are there enough manufacturers for a small assortment? And then we started gradually, by the end of 2011. Meanwhile, we have a list of more than 150 potential suppliers. Little by little, we get in touch with them, visit them as personally as possible, try their products - and then add them to the assortment, if everything fits in.


GourmetGuerilla: Do you know all of your suppliers personally?

Hamburger Regionalwaren: Yes, most of them. We want to see for ourselves: How do the manufacturers produce? What is the environment, what makes the landscape typical taste? This is what the French refer to in wine as "terroir" - the aroma of the landscape. And that is also found in many handmade products.Ulf is a communications professional with a Hamburg-based fund provider, and Antje works as a freelance journalist. And then there are our two lodge Deerns. By the way, Ulf is just talking flat.

GourmetGuerilla: What are those people who order regional Hamburg products?

Hamburger Regionalwaren: Quite different, across all ages and occupations. But they all have one thing in common: They value good food and real food. Many also like to order from us when they are invited to friends. You do not get our products on every corner, that's why they are perfect souvenirs.

GourmetGuerilla: Would you also ship Germany-wide, if the demand were there?

Hamburger Regionalwaren: no. Because our motto is "from the region - for the region". We just want to avoid long transport routes.

Hamburger regional goods beekeepers honey

GourmetGuerilla: What is your vision, what would you like to achieve with local regional produce?

Hamburger Regionalwaren: We want to create a marketplace for the best foods that really come from the region. And by that we mean not only the production, but as far as possible the raw materials. If the internet shop continues to run well, we have gained a few more experiences on special regional markets in Hamburg and get good response, we also want to open a real shop. Preferably with a small bistro, in which we can then conjure up small delicacies in between or the lunch menu from our assortment. For that we need a little change - but we are just there too. It remains exciting!

GourmetGuerilla: Thanks for the interview, Ulf!

regional goods-Tuete_Lieferung_ins_Buero

And if your now synonymous high quality and If you would like to order regional food from Hamburg's farms and businesses to your home or office, be sure to check out the online shop of Hamburger Regionalwaren
Wednesday is closing time and on the following Friday Ulf is then with a delicious bag at your doorstep. The exact delivery area can be viewed here.

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